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Sportsbook Support Analyst /Night Shift/

The Opportunity:

Join our team as a Night Shift Sportsbook Support Analyst and play a crucial role in the world of sports betting with one of the iGaming industry’s giants. This job is perfect for anyone who loves sports and enjoys solving problems. Your passion for sports and knack for tackling challenges are the keys to securing this position. You’ll be part of an always-ready team, providing top-notch support 24/7 to our Sportsbook teams and partners, ensuring they get the help they need quickly and efficiently. 

If you’re eager to support our success and have a strong passion for sports coupled with great problem-solving skills, we can’t wait to welcome you aboard! 

Role Overview:

Dive into the heart of our dynamic Sportsbook operations as our Night Shift Support Analyst, where every day brings new challenges and opportunities to shine. You’ll be the crucial link that keeps our Sportsbook floor running smoothly overnight, handling everything from urgent incidents to routine queries with speed and expertise.  

Imagine yourself in the center of action, coordinating solutions, managing communications with feed providers, and ensuring all trading, feed, and technical issues are resolved promptly. Your role is pivotal in maintaining the pulse of our operations, making quick decisions, and implementing fixes that keep our partners and clients in the game. With your keen eye for detail and passion for problem-solving, you’ll not only support our current success but also shape the future of sports betting support.  

Key responsibilities of this role include:  

  • Be the go-to person in the Sportsbook area and handle all questions and problems that come up. 
  • Regularly talk with Sportsbook teams including Technology, Product, Risk and Trading to clarify and fix any issues. 
  • Keep track of all Sportsbook problems and questions using our software. 
  • Decide which tasks are most important and help fix big system issues using your knowledge. 
  • Keep detailed records of all issues with trading, feeds, and tech stuff to help us keep track of and fix these problems. 
  • Identify patterns, notice if problems keep happening, and escalate them to the relevant people. 
  • Make sure the whole Sportsbook team knows about any big issues that could affect trading. 
  • Make sure any event changes, mistakes, or customer goodwill actions are executed correctly and customers are promptly informed. 
  • Use our internal tools to report on problems, errors, and any time the system is down. 
  • Be in charge of talking to the feed providers to keep things running smoothly. 
  • Make sure events in the system are set up and settled correctly. 
  • Follow our established processes for escalating incidents and queries to senior management. 

This could be ‘you' if you can demonstrate:

We’re dedicated to ensuring you hit the ground running with our onboarding program, equipping you with in-depth training on our systems and procedures. Just bring these essential qualities and skills to the table, and you’re set to flourish with us: 

  • Love for sports – if you’re passionate about sports and know the big games and teams well, plus have some knowledge about betting and how it works, you’re in the right place. 
  • Customer-first mindset – if you’ve worked with customers before, especially in sports betting, that’s great. 
  • Detail-oriented and proactive – you notice the small, important details, quickly decide what’s most important, and jump in to solve problems before anyone else even sees them. 
  • Eagerness to learn and grow – wanting to get better at what you do and learn all about the sports betting world. 
  • Flexibility – being okay with working at different times, since we’re here for our customers all day, every day, and sports happen around the clock. 

These skills, attributes and experience will help:

  • Communication skills – you should be good at explaining things simply and changing how you talk depending on the audience. 
  • Handling challenges – stay calm and make accurate, stress-free decisions in high-pressure situations. 
  • Microsoft Office 365 – good command of Excel, Outlook, and Teams for efficient daily operations. 
  • Fluent in English – ability to communicate clearly and effectively in English.


Sportsbook Support
Reporting to:
Sportsbook Support Team Lead
Sofia, Bulgaria
Employment type: