Managed Services for Sportsbook Operators

RokkerX provide independent trading and support services for global iGaming Operators. We work within the parameters of your commercial strategy to provide flexible resourcing solutions that save you time, hassle and money. RokkerX clients benefit from our 24/7 operations and experience in multiple sports and jurisdictions, enjoying:

  • Reduced risk
  • Rapid deployment
  • Infinite scalability
  • Network learning

RokkerX managed service solutions enable you to scale your business at pace with reduced risk. From small, focused teams of specialists to large rapidly scalable ones, we’re proud to deliver exceptional services such as:


Our Trading Teams deliver strategic trading optimisation services to improve the experience of your players. By fine-tuning the in-game betting content, odds, and limits players experience engaging and dynamic trading opportunities.

Risk Management

Our Risk Management Teams optimise your operation, by setting limits and margins to manage operational risk and safeguard your financial interests. They work in line with your strategy to develop and implement approaches to risk management that are appropriate to your business, protect your assets and ensure compliance.

Trading Support

Our Trading Support Teams work with you to ensure that your experience of working with RokkerX is a great one. They manage your RokkerX team to optimise internal and external trading operations that deliver great user experiences for your players.

Content Management

Our Content Management Team collaborate with marketing and trading to enhance your players experience with engaging, informative and valuable content feeds.

If you would like to explore using any of these managed service solutions, or have another need we’ve not mentioned, please contact us or get in touch by emailing so that we can explore how we can help.