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Sports Trader

The Opportunity:

Dive into an exciting role as a Sports Trader in our fast-growing startup! You’ll have the chance to tackle a variety of tasks like trading, risk management, and more, all while helping shape our services and partnerships for one of the iGaming industry’s giants. This is a unique chance to join a new team where you can really make a difference, bringing your sportsbook knowledge to develop a high-performance culture. If you’re ready to jump into a role where every day is different and your efforts have a direct impact, we’re looking for you! 

Role Overview:

Step into a dynamic role where your expertise will drive both personal and company-wide success. In this position, you’ll play a key role in pioneering efficient workflows and implementing fresh ideas, managing the integration of new sports, competitions, and markets through both third-party and proprietary platforms.  

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do; you’ll work closely with various internal teams to ensure seamless operations, while also maintaining strict adherence to compliance across jurisdictions. Your keen oversight on data accuracy and proactive approach to feature enhancements will be crucial. Additionally, you’ll contribute across departments when needed, leverage insights to refine our sportsbook offerings, and ensure our trading strategies are not only competitive but also compliant and customer-focused.  

Key responsibilities of this role include: 

  • Achieve your personal goals while contributing to the company’s broader objectives; 
  • Explore and implement innovative strategies to enhance our efficiency and productivity; 
  • Manage the daily integration and oversight of new sports, competitions, and markets, coordinating with third-party feeds and our proprietary trading platforms; 
  • Collaborate seamlessly with other departments to foster a smooth operational flow; 
  • Uphold a comprehensive understanding of regulatory compliance across different regions, ensuring all activities meet legal standards; 
  • Monitor the accuracy and timeliness of data feeds from providers, guaranteeing real-time reliability; 
  • Initiate discussions on desired features and improvements for our trading tools and backend systems to enhance functionality; 
  • Assist across departments during lower work volumes to maintain productivity; 
  • Conduct regular analyses of our sportsbook’s performance, proposing and implementing strategic enhancements tailored to various markets; 
  • Oversee the daily in-play schedule, advocating for and applying refinements to our in-play booking strategies for each brand; 
  • Regularly review and refine betting rules to ensure clear and fair settlement terms across all jurisdictions; 
  • Perform industry comparisons to identify and adopt best practices, elevating our trading approach; 
  • Address and resolve customer inquiries related to trading efficiently, maintaining high satisfaction levels. 

This could be ‘you' if you can demonstrate:

  • Continuous improvement – you possess an analytical mindset to identify and solve recurring issues that drive continuous improvement across the Trading floor 
  • Accuracy – you have an eye for detail and ensure your work is completed with precision and attention to detail 
  • Sportsbook knowledge – Experience of working with various feed providers and different Trading consoles 
  • Microsoft Excel – you are comfortable working with numbers and working with Microsoft Excel at Intermediate level, and willing to improve skills 
  • Coping under pressure – have experience working in a fast-paced, high-pressure role with demonstrated success 
  • Customer-first outlook – you are comfortable considering the needs of our partners when making any decision that could impact their business and/or our profitability 

These skills, attributes and experience will help:

  • Prioritisation – you are comfortable digesting vast amounts of information quickly, prioritizing work logically 
  • Strong communication skills – skilled in articulating ideas clearly and effectively, both in writing and verbally, across various levels of the organization 
  • Industry experience preferred – prior experience in the gambling sector is valuable 
  • Passion for sports – a strong passion for a variety of sports with understanding of rules and scoring system 
  • Analytically inclined – ability to dissect data, uncovering insights that inform decision-making and strategic direction 
  • Flexibility – open to adapting your work schedule, including availability for evening and weekend shifts, to meet business needs 


Sports Trading
Reporting to:
Trading Manager
Sofia, Bulgaria
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