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Senior Sports Trading Manager 

The Opportunity:

Join us in a strategic role at the heart of our Sportsbook operations, where you’ll oversee odds provision and manage the profitability across various sportsbook products. Reporting to the Head of Trading Operations, you’ll lead a skilled team, ensuring the delivery of top-tier trading and pricing for one of the iGaming industry’s giants. Your expertise will guide the integration of sophisticated trading content and the development of a high-performance culture.

Role Overview:

Step into a pivotal leadership role within our Trading Operations, where you’ll spearhead our entire department, mastering the balance between hands-on odds management and overarching profitability strategies for our sportsbook products. This key position demands robust people management skills, as you’ll be instrumental in building, guiding, and inspiring a dedicated team, shaping the department’s future. Your strategic acumen will be vital in integrating innovative trading solutions and steering the department towards operational excellence. Embrace this opportunity to leverage your comprehensive management expertise and your knack for fostering high-performing teams, all while playing a crucial role in our continued growth and success in the sportsbook market.

Key responsibilities of this role include:

  • Lead and cultivate a team of Traders through hiring, coaching, and mentoring, ensuring a highly engaged, performance-driven, and results-oriented environment.
  • Collaborate with the VP of Sports and the Head of Trading Operations to formulate a strategic plan for advancing our B2B Sportsbook odds provision, setting clear vision and KPIs to achieve optimal Sportsbook margins.
  • Facilitate ongoing communication between Trading & Sportsbook Support teams to meet partner demands and ensure comprehensive product odds coverage.
  • Manage real-time event coverage tools to uphold trading standards as per service level agreements (SLAs), updating odds in accordance with market changes.
  • Provide hands-on support for manual odds setting, covering a range of sports, events, and markets, including both pre-match and live betting.
  • Implement and oversee betting limits across all offerings, ensuring compliance and market competitiveness.
  • Coordinate with the content management and marketing teams to guarantee that event listings on partner sites are accurate, timely, and engaging for users.
  • Work with trading and development teams to enhance trading models and integrate new features, maintaining a competitive edge in the market.
  • Develop and maintain comprehensive reports on sports profitability, collaborating with Business Intelligence (BI) teams to leverage existing data systems.
  • Analyze and report on sports P&L, ensuring alignment with partnership agreements and strategic goals.
  • Conduct industry benchmarking to evaluate and refine our trading and pricing strategies, ensuring they meet global best practices.
  • Contribute to the product development process, raising and prioritizing feature requests to continuously improve our trading platform.

This could be ‘you' if you can demonstrate:

  • Significant experience in Sportsbook trading, understanding all related processes and back-end functionalities.
  • Deep knowledge of sports betting, including market trends, rules, and trading innovations.
  • Exceptional leadership and communication abilities, with a history of inspiring and guiding teams to achieve collective goals.
  • Strong financial acumen with extensive experience in odds compilation and trading KPIs.
  • Analytical mindset with a keen attention to detail, ensuring accuracy in sports margin management.
  • Customer-oriented mindset, adept at balancing profitability controls with partner and player satisfaction.
  • Proactiveness, with the initiative to anticipate partner and user needs in the Sportsbook sector.

These skills, attributes and experience will help:

  • Experience with leading third-party trading platforms, enhancing our trading propositions effectively.
  • Proficient in advanced Excel, capable of managing large datasets with pivot tables and other functions.
  • Skilled in market analysis, identifying key performance indicators and areas for market improvement.
  • Familiarity with price origination and various probability distributions as well as concepts like Monte Carlo Simulation would be useful skill in this role
  • Willingness to work flexible hours, managing teams in a 24/7 operation, including evenings and weekends.


Sports Trading
Reporting to:
Head of Trading Operations
Sofia, Bulgaria
Employment type: