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Trading Risk Team Lead

The Opportunity:

We’re looking for a Trading Risk Team Lead to spearhead our team of dedicated Risk Analysts. In this role, you’ll harness your expertise to shape strategies, mentor talents, and ensure we exceed our performance goals. You’ll tackle real-time challenges, from analyzing betting patterns to enhancing operational processes, all while ensuring compliance and fostering strong team and trading partnerships for one of the iGaming industry’s giants.

If you thrive in a collaborative, fast-paced setting and are passionate about making a measurable impact, we want you on our team. Together, let’s redefine the future of Sportsbook Trading Operations and take our success to new heights!

Role Overview:

As the leader of our Risk Analysts team, you will hire, coach, and mentor to create a high-performance environment, generating regular reports on team and customer activities aligned with KPIs. You’ll address integrity and pricing issues based on customer behavior, support major incident mitigation, and maintain strong collaboration with trading teams. Additionally, you will ensure all operations comply with regulations and assist in refining processes to enhance overall risk management effectiveness.

Key responsibilities of this role include:

  • Lead and cultivate a team of Risk Analysts through hiring, coaching, and mentoring, ensuring a highly engaged, performance-driven, and results-oriented environment.
  • Generate regular reports detailing team performance and activities in relation to established KPIs.
  • Use specific grading systems to profile customers, incorporating regular reporting schedules.
  • Detect and address potential integrity issues, ensuring thorough due diligence in managing these situations.
  • Identify and address pricing discrepancies and potential technical issues derived from betting patterns and customer behaviors.
  • Lead in supporting the Sportsbook Support team with the management and mitigation of major risk-related incidents.
  • Monitor and take appropriate action on accounts reaching maximum betting limits.
  • Create and distribute daily summaries of customer betting activities.
  • Assist senior management in evaluating and enhancing operational processes and procedures.
  • Maintain strong collaborative relationships with trading teams to ensure seamless operation of risk management activities.
  • Guarantee that all operations comply with relevant regulations and compliance standards.
  • Perform other related duties as required to support the efficient running of the risk management team.

This could be ‘you' if you can demonstrate:

  • High-Pressure Efficiency – Capable of prioritising and delegating effectively in fast-paced environments.
  • Decision-Making – Ability to manage stress and make quick, accurate decisions in dynamic situations.
  • Analytical Thinking – Strong analytical skills with a focus on market trends and financial optimisation.
  • Commercial Insight – Deep understanding of trading KPIs and risk management strategies.
  • Operational Focus – Committed to maintaining focus and ensuring operational efficiency.
  • Work Flexibility – Available to work unsociable hours, accommodating a 24/7 sports schedule.

These skills, attributes and experience will help:

  • Sportsbook Industry Experience – Minimum of 2 years in a digital Sportsbook environment.
  • Communication and Leadership – Excellent communication and leadership abilities to guide and support team members clearly.
  • Prioritisation – Skilled in quickly digesting and prioritising large volumes of information.
  • Microsoft Excel – Advanced Microsoft Excel skills for creating visual data representations.
  • Numerical Proficiency – Strong numerical skills essential for effective workplace performance.
  • Liability Analysis – Proficient in managing liability and exposure within the Sportsbook sector.


Trading Operations
Reporting to:
Risk Manager
Sofia, Bulgaria
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