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Senior Trading Product Owner (Sportsbook)

The Opportunity:

We’re looking for a Senior Trading Product Owner responsible for the successful development of all trading related product requirements capable of supporting the Sports Trading, Risk Management and Trading Support functions and the needs of external partners and their players. This role reports to the Head of Trading Development.

Role Overview:

You are an exceptional and experienced product candidate who brings top-quality expertise to managing Sportsbook Trading Product requirements. In addition, you introduce new ways of working, best practices and tools where necessary.


Possessing significant technical experience across all systems that impact Sportsbook trading, you will oversee successful implementation of the trading ecosystem including the front-end display of sports trading events and how this display is configured in the back-end trading platform.


Acting as a key contact point for the wider trading team and external partners, you will prioritise requirements based on their needs and work with internal development teams on their subsequent delivery. This will include high amounts of collaboration with support functions especially Product & Technology. You will play a key part in evaluating 3rd party trading solutions, assessing their suitability and business benefits ahead of prioritizing any integration.


Throughout any trading related integration such as data feeds integration, streaming integration, trading modelling integration to name but a few, you will be a key contact point representing the entire trading function in discussions with internal development teams and external partners. Throughout the integration work, you will be the person signing off all requirements, will be comfortable in conducting UAT and facilitating the necessary knowledge transfer out to the wider trading team.


An extremely important role, you will be able to adapt between trading related work and product management. Possessing enough trading systems knowledge to understand the basic requirements of the wider trading team and partners, you will be able to translate these requirements into technical user stories through collaboration with business analysts. You would then work closely as part of a Scrum team on subsequent development.

You will support development teams with the prioritisation process together with compiling and maintaining the trading product roadmap.

In addition, you will be required to keep senior stakeholders across the business always informed. As a result, you will require excellent communication skills and you will be comfortable with designing and delivering presentations to a high standard.

This is an opportunity for the successful individual to make a significant impact across the entire trading floor and to deliver cutting edge technology to drive a culture of high performance.

  • Define the needs of a recruitment process and subsequently actively participate in the hiring process of all resource connected to Product Owners, assess candidates and finalise appointments
  • Coach, mentor and the supervise a team of Trading Product Owners establishing a culture of high performance and one where high performance is rewarded and poor performance managed accordingly
  • Evaluation and feedback of work distribution across backlogs and product team personnel
  • Ensure reporting out of product team to internal and external stakeholders is of high standard
  • Work on continuous improvement of departments process, reflecting and incrementing every quarter
  • Cooperate closely with peers in Product & Technology, building, managing, maintaining and prioritising a trading development roadmap/backlog consistent with wider trading strategy
  • Work with Head of Trading Development to prioritise all future sports integration work and collaborate on attaching a business benefit to each scheme of work
  • Structure complex trading topics into easy-to-understand messages, communicating effectively across all trading functions and internal business teams
  • Collaborate with development teams, both internal and external to ensure successful product deliveries
  • Develops relationships with internal and external development teams on user story writing, acceptance criteria and user journeys
  • Provides written and detailed trading requirements documents, which are fed into development teams for implementation
  • Acting as a leader within scrum teams helping them to understand the problems that need to be solved, making sure they have the help and tools they need, and working together to create trading solutions.
  • Propose, agree and work within a budget, developing and maintaining business cases in support of future trading requirements
  • Evaluation of 3rd party and internal trading feature opportunities and participate in brainstorming, ideation and prioritisation for new trading initiatives and trading product requirements
  • Incorporates data, research and market analysis to inform product requirements and initiatives
  • Conducting A/B test improvements to drive customer facing trading requirements and prioritisation
  • Conducts regular and consistent research on the B2B Sportsbook competitor & trading landscape, awareness of competitor activity, our position in the market, identifying global regions that may provide partnering opportunities
  • Undertake competitor benchmarking on all Sportsbook trading development initiatives and keep stakeholders informed of any new developments in the industry

This could be ‘you' if you can demonstrate:

  • Your financial acumen will have included a high degree of exposure to numbers and will enable you to quantify business benefit to assist with prioritisation
  • Extensive technical knowledge and understanding of software development processes. You must be able to work with the engineers throughout each sprint to identify performance bugs and ensure the product is up to par in terms of function, design and user experience.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills with an ability to convey complex trading concepts, practices, and processes to senior but less technical audiences and external partners
  • Analytically minded and good eye for detail – you never lose sight of details that impacts trading performance, and you possess an analytical approach to decision making
  • Strong attention to detail signing off on systems that minimises the risk of trading errors
  • Able to work as part of a team to solve problems. Your role will involve collaboration with stakeholders across the entire trading function and development teams
  • Comfortable at managing your time to prioritise tasks to ensure you have enough time to complete every piece of work.
  • Extensive trading technical experience with an ability to quickly understand all trading related back and front-end functionality. You will ideally have extensive experience in working with typical 3rd party trading tool and consoles
  • Flexible approach to working hours. The role will require working with teams in various locations across different time zones
  • Available to travel as the role will require occasional travel to visit stakeholders, partners and/or industry events

These skills, attributes and experience will help:

  • Strong Leadership and Management: Proficient in effectively leading and supervising teams, ensuring optimal performance and collaboration.
  • Strategic Roadmap Development: Skilled in creating comprehensive roadmaps that guide project development and execution.
  • Data-Driven Insight: Collaborative approach to designing and refining reporting systems, extracting accurate and actionable insights from data.
  • Sportsbook Industry Expertise: Substantial experience in the sportsbook industry, reflecting a deep understanding of its unique dynamics and requirements.
  • Operational Background: 3-4 years of experience in operational roles, like trading or B2C environments, showcasing practical industry knowledge.
  • Efficient Project Coordination: Proficient in aligning efforts of multiple Product Owners for cohesive and successful project management.


Trading Product
Reporting to:
Head of Trading Product
Remote (EU and UK)
Employment type: